About Pasha Mezze

Pasha Mezze is a family owned Turkish restaurant, which opened its doors to business in 2003. Our team consists of our friends, housewives; their daughters, and of course, our grandmothers! When we (have) started in our little location, in Chesapeake, we were only selling grocery items and home décor from Turkey. We did serve a couple items to dine in, which eventually raised a demand from more variety and expanded seating from our loyal customers. More and more guests started to come back as they liked the hospitality as much as the food we served. Then, we found ourselves in a deep research both for the expectations of our clientele and the future friends. Not only we wanted to provide them what they wanted and expected. Also we were concerned about the dishes being nourishing and wholesome. And this does not only involve the kinds of products we pick, but also the way they are cooked. In other words, the cooking is done the old-fashioned way in our kitchen!

We put a lot of love and care into all of our culinary creations. Our team at Pasha is built on loyalty and hard working ethics. Our clientele comes from all over Hampton Roads. Our goal is to educate our guests on adapting to a healthy diet and provide them quality creations that will protect everyone away from illness.

Our other goal is to, eventually, serve 100% Organic in the near future. Our Philosophy is to exceed all of our valued guests expectations with out compromise. As you know, organic products are hard to find! Hearing about the existence of the organic farmers and Earth friendly products motivated us greatly. We decided to learn more about working with them and how to support each other; therefore, today Pasha’s food comes from the local farmers. We owe a great deal gratitude to all the local farmers for their time, genuine hospitality, and support.